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Tessy Antony de Nassau

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Tessy Antony de Nassau
Businesswoman and Former Princess of Luxembourg
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Everyone deserves to be treated and cared for with respect, dignity and kindness. The pillars of Bring Hope Foundation are all of these among others. They bring back the “human” into “humanity”. I have had the great pleasure to witness the incredible work of Bring Hope Foundation in Geneva at their yearly International Peace Conference.

War, trauma, abuse and mistreatment are sadly still around and their effects on family life, and life in general for the individuals living in war zones is sadly not always well reported. Bring Hope Foundation puts this reality back on the agenda of politicians and policy makers by hosting conferences, which openly talk about the effects of war on our societies, by showing a clear example with their hands-on approach on the ground, and their hard work to bring hope into the lives and hearts of the affected people. After all, even during times of crisis, we all must have hope.

Thank you Dr. Mariwan Baker and your team for your tireless work to make this world a better place by risking your own lives. You have my full support.

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