Vision, Mission and Values

We envision a world where everyone can live life with dignity - a world where the barriers of
poverty and exclusion can be broken, and where one can have control over the decisions the
affect them. We fight for a world with an economy not driven by greed and growth, but
inclusivity, and social justice.

Our vision and mission, and our values guide us in decision-making, in our interactions with
internal and external stakeholders, in defining our work culture and in aligning our
organisation to reach our goals.

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Our Vision

Restored dignity and harmony in the lives of those experiencing humanitarian crisis, displacement and poverty.

Our Mission

To be a generative power in alleviating suffering, nurturing long-lasting development and bringing hope to those we serve, regardless of their age, gender, religion, ethnicity or nationality.

Our Values



We are kind, concerned and sensitive to the individuality of emotions that affect people and their lives.


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We find power in embracing and appreciating differences to learn from and honour one another.


Number 3

Our strong integrity ensures we are honest, accountable, and transparent in everything we do


Number 4

Through our innovative work, we enact action to inspire brighter futures and transformative change.


Number 5

We understand productive collaboration as the pillar of our successes. Through our collaborative work, we become more empathetic and diverse, we strengthen our integrity, and we facilitate transformational processes.

Anyone Can Bring Hope

We believe that anyone can be a Humanitarian! Through our work we provide support to vulnerable communities around the world, and are always looking for more opportunities to do so.

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