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Ratih Nawangwulan

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Ratih Nawangwulan
Fundraising Programme Volunteer
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I was given an opportunity to volunteer at Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation to support the development of their fundraising program during Winter 2019-2020. During that time I had a chance to work with Dr. Mariwan Baker and his team, who I think are very passionate about their work for the foundation. They understand the real situation and the needs at the target location, especially because of Dr. Baker’s own experience.

What amazed me was how the foundation led by Dr. Baker manages to have high level connections and a network that has great capabilities to support the work of the foundation. This is established through the high level of trust they instil in Dr. Baker, as they can see that the foundation is capable of delivering the support given directly to those who need it, because of the foundation's knowledge and experience in the field.

From my volunteering experience, I understood more how trust is a very important subject to a humanitarian project. I hope there will be more trust from many more to support Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation in the future.

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