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Indrek Tarand

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Indrek Tarand
Politician and Former Member of the European Parliament
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It goes without saying that cooperation between human beings and their coordinated activity has been a key to success throughout history. Yet each collective achievement-- each success from a group of likeminded people-- has someone who personifies that movement, policy or struggle.

At Bring Hope Foundation, for me that person is Dr. Mariwan Baker. His commitment and seriousness towards the goal to make life less insufferable and give hope that the future can be better is really remarkable and special to me.

When we got acquainted some 5 years ago, I learned about his childhood and youth and how a refugee can achieve very good grades at university and lay foundations for his own life, and then, recognise the opportunity to do some good over evil on this planet. Mariwan really impressed me with his devotion. The legend is that he moved from Kurdistan to Sweden via Estonia!

And coincidentally, at the time of his journey to Sweden, in my work I was partially responsible for the task of sending back each and every undocumented immigrant. And I was kind of good at my job! But I am extremely happy that Mariwan Baker outsmarted me and began his studies and career in Sweden. Otherwise we would have much less hope brought to mankind.

July 2020

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