June 22, 2021

World Refugee Day 2021 - Thanks for Participation

On Sunday 20th June 2021, we hosted our Panel Discussion on #worldrefugeeday 2021. Here we show you some excerpts from the informative discussion.

Listening to the stories and experiences of our speakers showed how essential it is for each of us to be active to generate positive impact. Getting informed and sharing information is the first and vital step to achieve what UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency themed this day- Together, we heal, learn and shine!

Thank you to all of the 242 attendees of our discussion for being part of achieving this aim, and of course, a great thank you to our panellists and partners!

We were sadly unable to answer all all the questions received during the panel session, therefore we are going to answer most of them in the upcoming days on our social media platforms - keep updated!

Margaretta Colangelo, Mabast Abdullah, Catherine van Kampen, Esq., Dr Michelle Sanders, Jinda Organization

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World Refugee Day 2021 - Thanks for Participation