July 4, 2022

Women Empowerment Project Launched!

New Project Launched in Collaboration with UN Women's Peace Fund!

Corner Line

Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation is proud to initiate our new project in Kurdistan: Women Empowering Women in Conflict Prevention.

With funding from the United Nations Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund and in partnership with Jinda Organisation, the project targets internally displaced women in Iraqi-Kurdistan. The project runs for marginalised and displaced women in two distinct locations; Duhok and Al-Hamdaniya. The year-long project begins its initial 6-month phase with 90 displaced women who have been harmed as a result of ISIS occupation in their hometowns. The objective is dual: first, to increase women’s capacity, confidence and willingness to participate in decision-making and public roles. Second, to increase coordination and communication between women to support structural inclusion and create positive gender norms.

Training sessions will focus on communication skills, negotiation, public discourse and problem solving, and will give the participants vital management and leadership skills. Once completing the program, the women will be able to form committees that will coordinate with relevant officials inside and outside the camps. These committees will be key in addressing gender-sensitive issues and promote the role of displaced women in conflict prevention processes and responses. The women will also have the opportunity to utilise social media as a way to vocalise their problems!

Keep an eye on our social media to get regular updates on the program over the next six months! 🕊

Women Empowerment Project Launched!