February 5, 2021

The International Humanitarian Fraternity Summit 2021

The International Humanitarian Fraternity Summit 2021 went down on the 4th of February with the participation of Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation founder and chairman Dr. Mariwan Baker. Among the participants representatives came from the Arab League, the International Red Cross, UNESCO, CNBC, CNN, Thomas Reuters Foundation, Kofi Annan foundation and many more.

The speakers and panellists discussed and focused on tolerance, humanitarian values, philanthropy and gender equality.

Here is a reflection from Dr. Baker on his participation:

“My participation at the International Human Fraternity Virtual Summit, held on February 2, 2021 and arranged by Ministry of Tolerance & Coexistence, was great opportunity to share Bring Hope’s core values of Tolerance and Hope in building fraternity among groups with different backgrounds, religions, ethnicities and race, and gender. In our session “How Human Values Help Eliminate Racism Among Societies”, it was educational and interesting to hear opinions from the other speakers, with different backgrounds, and from different parts of the world. We all agreed that TOLERANCE and HOPE are the key human values that can bring peace and harmony, not only in small communities, but also among nations and countries.”

Here you can watch and listen to the panel debate How Human Values Help Eliminate Racism among Societies - YouTube

We truly enjoy being part of these events and networks. As Bring Hope is growing, enforcing these values into our organisation and our work becomes increasingly important. Tolerance within humanitarian development is central and our work is built on it.

Read more on the agenda of the summit here: https://www.internationalhumanitariansummit.com/en-US/agenda

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The International Humanitarian Fraternity Summit 2021