March 8, 2021

Sewing For Hope - International Women's Day

For the International Women’s Day of 2021 we wanted to highlight and focus on women in our working context. Eman (33) had to flee her home five years ago and since she has lived in the Dibaga camp in Erbil. Throughout the past years she has used her entrepreneurial skills and leadership to start work as a seamstress and can now support her family. Her story is inspiring and many women like her take the lead in development and have a drive towards a better future. Make sure to take your time and listen to her story.

Investing time and supporting women and girls in their endeavours and education is a proven way forward in development. Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation commits to include this as a priority in our work and help women towards building better futures for themselves and their families.

Video produced by Samhar Abdelmawla and Mariam Husam

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Sewing For Hope - International Women's Day