April 19, 2023

Bring Hope, International Aid Campaign Identify with Harsham Camp Dwellers During Ramadan

Bring Hope, International Aid Campaign Identify with Harsham Camp Dwellers During Ramadan

An estimated 285Harsham Camp dwellers recently received food items from Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation and International Aid Campaign to mark the celebration of the holy month of Ramada.


The Ramadan distribution was the organization's way of demonstrating support to the camp dwellers and internally displaced persons to exercise their faith in some measure of dignity during the holy month and help them feel connected to their families and community.


The distribution,which took place on Wednesday, April 19, 2023, was intended to help refugee and internally displaced people in Harsham Camp prepare for the observance of the end of Ramadan.


Bring Hope Iraq Country Representative Karzan Obaid was present and delivered an assortment of food staples, including flour, rice, cooking oil, tomato paste, pasta, beans, sugar, salt, dry chickpeas, dates, burghul, tea, and lentils.


According to Obaid,"The humanitarian gesture was in line with Bring Hope's passion for providing essential aid for people living in refugee and internally displaced camps and exposed to vulnerable conditions."


He also used the occasion to express delight over the opportunity to identify with the plight of the camp community members. He reassured them that there would be further interventions from Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation to support them.


Obaid further added that Bring Hope felt honored to partner with International Aid Campaign to provide modest support, thus fostering the exercise of cultural and religious rights, which have implications for vulnerable people's physical and psychological well-being.


While thanking Harsham camp residents for community entry access, Obaid expressed the hope that a sense of love, kindness, and compassion would abide during the holy month of Ramadan and beyond.


Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation: (BHHF) is an international non-profit organization established in 2015 to respond to challenges confronting people experiencing displacement, poverty, crises, and other vulnerable situations. BHHF partners with local communities and organizations to provide life-saving assistance, promote sustainable development, and build more robust and resilient communities.


International Aid Campaign: IAC is a unity platform formed by a committee of many organizations with the initiative of EHEE (the first Humanitarian organization registered in Maldives). This campaign's purpose and role are to create awareness about the situation for the Muslim Ummah and find ways to help and support them and generally to support and help those suffering worldwide. With a network of partners and supporters around the world, the International Aid Campaign works to deliver life-saving aid, build sustainable communities, and promote peace and stability.

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Bring Hope, International Aid Campaign Identify with Harsham Camp Dwellers During Ramadan