September 20, 2021

Meet Zubiya!

#BHHFMeetTheTeam: Meet Zubiya Burney, of Pakistani-Canadian origins, has grown up in the Middle East and lived in Dubai for nearly 14 years. She just graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in Global Health and Human Geography and, spent many of the last few years gaining experience in working with young children. She currently serves as Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundationโ€™s Program Officer in Education.

We asked her some questions to talk about her experience at Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation

Why did you start at Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation?
I have always wanted to work in the Humanitarian sector and I could not say no to working with a remarkable organisation to help better the lives of displaced children!

What made you passionate about Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation/ becoming a humanitarian?
I appreciate that being a humanitarian is to put humanity and empathy above all else (nationality, religion, class etc.) to improve the lives of people who have undeservedly been made vulnerable. To help people and help them take care of themselves is always something I have wanted to do with my life.

What makes the organisation itself different to you?
Definitely the people. It was really amazing for me to join a team and find out that everyone is so kind, passionate and driven. This is an organisation with a heart and soul, and I really admire the drive and genuine care that every person has for the cause. I am often reminded by my colleagues that we are here to do all we can to bring hope, quite literally, to people who may have lost it some time ago. I appreciate how willing everyone is to provide help and support, and I feel that our team is quite well connected despite being stretched across the world!

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Meet Zubiya!