July 18, 2021

Joint Crisis Coordination Erbil

To support refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs), Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation’s team in Northern Iraq has delivered various supplies to the Joint Crisis Coordination Center (JCC) in Erbil. With these supplies the Erbil Governorate can support refugees and IDPs with, among others, furniture, school supplies, clothes, hygiene products, as well as sport supplies, especially for displaced children. We want to thank Ms. Srwa Rasul - Director of Migration&Crisis Response/Erbil Governorate for the great collaboration.

We are thrilled, that we were able to support the health center in Sulaimani with surgical masks, which is especially crucial facing the pandemic situation of covid-19. In Iraq, infections are currently increasing, with 5,700 new infections reported on average daily. The situation is far from under control. The distribution of masks can help stop the spread of the illness, which is especially important to protect human beings enduring crowded living conditions in IDPs and refugee camps.

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Photo by: Mohammed Samhar Abdelmawla/BHHF
*Source: Reuters Covid-19 Tracker

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Joint Crisis Coordination Erbil