May 16, 2024

Intercultural Diversity Facilitator Workshop

🎉 We just wrapped up an incredible 3-day workshop on becoming an Intercultural Diversity Facilitator!

From May 13-15, teachers, pedagogues, and social workers from Sweden and Denmark joined us for a transformative training session. Participants received practical tools for fostering inclusion and creating safe spaces for children and young adults.

This 3-day workshop, hosted by the Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation and Civil Connections alongside external experts, was enriched with discussions, presentations, forum theater, and insights from professionals who interact with ethnic minorities in their daily work. It was a unique cross-cultural experience, bringing together minds to share and grow.

📅 Program Highlights:

Day 1: Explored cultural competence, key concepts, and ethical dilemmas.

Day 2: Focused on changing perspectives, preventing prejudice, empathetic support, and meta-communication.

Day 3: Addressed organizational challenges, implementing changes, and applying new skills in daily work.

The Cultural Connection project aims to strengthen the capacity of professionals in the social and educational field with intercultural communication skills to create positive change, safe spaces, agency, and inclusion for ethnic minority youth.

Stay tuned for more updates and future opportunities to join us in making a difference!

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Intercultural Diversity Facilitator Workshop

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