December 11, 2020

Fighting winter in Iraqi Kurdistan

In the midst of the global pandemic are the invisible and forgotten. There are still one million Syrian refugees and Iraqi-displaced people living in camps across Northern Iraq.

Fighting winter in Iraqi Kurdistan is not easy, it is harsh and even with basic needs met there is a battle to be fought. In this case, the basic needs are not met and most lack sufficient electricity that is needed cooking and other essential needs. In the video you can see the situation, and we hope that you concur with its acuteness.

As one of the few international organisations still on the ground in the camps, with the pandemic having stopped many other aid organisations, Bring Hope works hard to deliver humanitarian and medical aid. Blankets, hygiene products and medicines alike – they are desperately needed. We continue to work hard, but we NEED your help to do so.

Please support our efforts by donating to our cause and sharing our work with your friends and family. Your efforts matter!

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Fighting winter in Iraqi Kurdistan