January 12, 2021

Essential winter donations for camp residents

During the festive season, thanks to the kind contributions from our donors, Bring Hope team continued to work hard to deliver humanitarian aid to those living in camps in Northern Iraq. We distributed essential hygiene items, and blankets and clothing to provide protection from the winter cold to residents of a number of camps in Iraqi Kurdistan— Hasan Alsham U3 Camp, near Mosul in Northern Iraq being one of them.

The current Covid-19 pandemic has meant that conditions for those living in under-resourced refugee camps have only become worse, with support and humanitarian aid from organisations having been dramatically reduced. Bring Hope is proud to have been able to steadily provide for those we serve, ensuring a greater quality of life and instilling a sense of hopefulness and optimism to refugees and internally displaced people. The impact of the aid we deliver has positive repercussions far beyond the goods we provide!

Video by Mohammed Samhar Abdelmawla/BHHF

Editing assistance Mariam Husam/BHHF

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Essential winter donations for camp residents