February 16, 2021

Distribution of Waka Waka lights in Dibaga Camp

These photos show a recent distribution in Iraqi Kurdistan from last week. Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation distributed WakaWaka lights and power banks in the Dibaga Camp to widow’s and their families.

WakaWaka means “shine bright” in Swahili, and the solar-powered flashlight and powerbank is rechargeable and easy to use. Living without conventional access to electricity is a complex and harsh reality. Many people depend on toxic and hazardous sources of light alternatively they have no light at all.

Access to light and electricity is important for many reasons beside the obvious - it is related to safety, education and economic activities. The Waka Waka is an easy-access tool for harvesting solar energy and shedding light where it is most needed.

Cooperating with the WakaWaka foundation enables us at Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation to provide these lights to vulnerable individuals and families. A little light can bring a little bit of hope.

Corner Line
Distribution of Waka Waka lights in Dibaga Camp