June 24, 2021

Distribution at Emirates Autism Center in Erbil | June 2021

During our distribution at Emirates Autism Center in Erbil, Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation’s team supported the centre with needed furniture and hygiene products.
The centre specializes in assisting children and teenagers with autistic disorder, a developmental disorder characterized by social interaction and communication difficulties and restricted and repetitive behaviour.
Besides this, our team was also able to give out toys to each of the 80 mentored children!
We are thrilled that we were able to support these children through the help of our donors.

A short insight into the reality of the Center:

The staff and children are grateful for the support Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation was able to deliver. Whilst donations like these are crucial in enabling the centre to continue its life-changing work, they still face shortages that mean not every child can receive the help they require.The centre's staff told our team, that there is a shortage in the number of psychologists working in the centre, with the effect that not every child gets mentored sufficiently as the staff would wish.

Nevertheless, every distribution brings some hope into the lives of those we serve. At Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation, we will keep up the work to reach this goal for more people in need.
Therefore, our team is working hard to make weekly distributions possible.


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Distribution at Emirates Autism Center in Erbil | June 2021