November 1, 2021

Cooperation with Kurdistan Women Union

Recently, Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation in cooperation with Kurdistan Women Union (KWU) distributed apparel for women In Iraqi-Kurdistan. Founded in 1952, KWU forms part of the Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP). The union has a rich history of advocating for the human rights of Kurdish women. In addition, through KWU’s educational, job training, and other livelihoods–focused programs, the organization seeks to empower women and educate them about their rights within the KDP party and beyond.

Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation is pleased to be able to support such an extraordinary organisation by contributing apparel and ensuring that we can reach women who currently need them the most.

We aim to do our part in facilitating the change and bringing hope where it is most needed. Please, support us in restoring the dignity and harmony of not only the displaced families living in the camps but also in assisting projects that promote, respect and uphold women's rights.

If you wish to promote our efforts and support our projects, please visit our website and donate ➔

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Cooperation with Kurdistan Women Union