October 5, 2021

Budget Proposal Training

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#BHHFUpdates: BHHF team Sweden enhances skills with budget proposal training

Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation strives to ensure that we are continuously learning and expanding our skills and expertise - to not only become increasingly beneficial to humanitarian causes as a non-profit organisation and community but also, as individuals.

We are pleased to share that our team in Sweden participated in a Budget Proposal training. This training ensured that our team is able to grasp the basics and complexities of financial management and budgeting for projects concerning various humanitarian matters.

Due to the interactive nature of the training, our team acquired the tools enabling a deeper understanding of procedural, structural and practical functions of financial management of projects.

Our Senior Fundraising Manager Arjel Trajani - confirmed the success of the training and appreciated the enthusiasm of the team to engage and learn. He believes the progress made through the training has reaffirmed the capacity of the team to be self-sufficient in creating meaningful and practical budgets proposals and implementing them effectively.

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Budget Proposal Training