June 2, 2023

Bring Hope's Employees trained in Result-Based Management.

Bring Hope's Employees trained in Result-Based Management.

As part of efforts to build staff capacities and ensure quality project implementation, two Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation members recently received training in Result-Based Management.

The training, which was organized by the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), brought together thirty participants from twenty-three organizations across Europe and the Global Southand was held from May 30- June 1, 2023, in Härnosänd, northern Sweden.

The three-day interactive session was geared toward strengthening participants' capacities to design, implement,monitor, and follow up programs and projects focusing on results and effects rather than activities.

Carmen Seco Pérez, Project Officer, and Al Amin Sardar, Strategy, and organization development adviser, represented Bring Hope at the training. According to them, the exercise highlighted vital questions essential to developing a result-based management mindset.

Accordingly, the training prepared participants to ask questions like "What is to be achieved, what has been completed, what are the reasons behind the results or lack of results, and What can be done to increase the chances of achieving the results? When asked and answered correctly, these questions help ensure participants become more result-oriented when implementing different projects.

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During the entire course, Bring Hope’s History Box project was selected as a case to apply and learn RBM.

The training also discussed the complexities that development partners encounter, including environmental and social justice and high-level uncertainty, and that the umbrella of RBM methods, when combined according to specific project needs, enables a balance between planning and experimentation/flexibility.

Speaking about her learning and experience, Bring Hope's project Officer, Carmen, expressed that the training has broadened her knowledge of how SIDA understands and applies RBM and what the organization expects from its partners regarding using the RBM concept.

She added that the gathering allowed her to learn from other participants' experiences and further enhanced her understanding of the RBM concepts, which she is now willing to incorporate into her work at Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation.

"As manager of the COREcoles project, I will apply RBM in the upcoming goals of the project by drafting a theory of change associated with the project and an associated monitoring plan," Carmen added.

For his part, Al Amin Sardar pointed out that the training has helped him develop a new capacity and shaped his mindset to design and implement projects prioritizing 'results' to ensure the desired change.

He added that through the training, he now understands the flexibility of SIDA, adding that the organization does not prescribe a particular Results-Based Management methodology but allows organizations to apply any combination of methods that fits the project best.  


According to Sardar, his learning from the training will help ensure effective project implementation at Bring Hope,emphasizing that the RBM concept will be applied to BHHF's future project designs.

Bring Hope is committed to strengthening its staff capacity and welcoming new and improved ideas relevant to ensuring that its programs are implemented effectively with adequate results and impacts across its project areas.

Bring Hope's Employees trained in Result-Based Management.

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