May 29, 2023

Bring Hope Participates in Road to COP28 Conference

Bring Hope Participates in Road to COP28 Conference

In continued efforts to address the issue of climate change, Bring Hope recently joined several NGOs to participate in the Road to COP 28 conference on Driving Collective Climate Action in the UAE.

The conference held at the Samaya Ballroom of The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai, UAE, was organized by the UN Climate Change High-Level Champions, COP28 Presidency, and the Dubai Chambers.

The event shared with local stakeholders and Non-State Actors (NSAs) the work of the High-Level Champions and the COP28 Presidency, including the Race to Zero and Race to Resilience campaigns and local alliances for climate action, in preparation for COP28.

During the conference, H.E. Razan AlMubarak, the UN Climate Change High-Level Champion from the COP28 Presidency,emphasized the importance of promoting collective climate action and highlighted the unique opportunity for the UAE to unite the community in pursuing a net zero, climate-resilient, and nature-positive future.

Furthermore, the participants had the opportunity to listen to experts share their experiences and work on Climate Mitigation, Adaptation & Resilience, and Finance and learn from leading organizations within the region who have already made exciting commitments and progress.


At the conference, Bring Hope representatives shared the organization's agenda of promoting climate resilience in its target areas and carbon reduction of its initiatives by participating in the forum.


''Bring Hope is mainly concerned with finding solutions to the impact of climate change in regions already challenged by drought, internal conflict, displacement of people, and poverty.''

Additionally, Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation expressed interest in joining the community in mobilizing efforts and undertaking climate action towards COP28.

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Bring Hope Participates in Road to COP28 Conference

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