February 7, 2021

Anyone can Bring Hope.

Celebrating Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation's Six Year Anniversary

This belief is crucial to every team member of our Bring Hope family. Everyone at Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation is dedicated to bringing hope to displaced people significantly in need of essential requirements, support and skills to restore dignity, a sense of belonging, and to thrive.

We at Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation work hard on achieving our vision -

In 2021, we celebrate six years of spreading our vision.

Six years of engagement.
Six years
of working passionately.
Six years
of making a difference in people's lives.
Six years
of continuous learning and growing.
Six years
of building up dignity.
Six years
which made us who we are today.

Where everything started:

The beginning of Bring Hope is part of the story of our founder: Dr Baker. Having experienced war, trauma, loss, and displacement himself, he understands the importance of HOPE. Developing his career on his own displaced in Sweden, he could not bear to see people in Northern Iraq still suffering years after being forced to leave in 1991.

Resulting in the creation of us - Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation, as a response to the increased need for humanitarian assistance due to the displacement of millions of people who were forced to migrate into Northern Iraq in 2015.

Since then, Dr Baker has worked tirelessly to build and expand Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation.

Where we are today:

Today, Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation has grown significantly - We are people from different backgrounds, nationalities, and religions from all over the world working together to serve humanity.

We do everything to help displaced people and the most vulnerable populations in the Middle East and across the globe! As a result, we have brought humanitarian and medical aid as well as programs to Iraq, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Lesotho, Nigeria, the Republic of Congo, Guinea, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

How do we do this?

By providing humanitarian services, medicines and aid on a significant scale and with broad reach. To be able to do so, collaborations are key! To our partners, who enable us to do the work we do, after six years, we wanted to say THANK YOU for everything you have done for us in the past, everything you still do and will continue to do!

We are proud to highlight the impact we have achieved as Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation in recent years, showing the value of the humanitarian and medical aid we deliver to people in need. These packages include, among others, medicines, hygiene necessities, and clothing.

To celebrate these six years, we want to share the stories of those we serve and the work we do in the form of a photographic exhibition! You can visit our photo exhibition "6 years Iraq - Stories of displacement and refuge"

Corner Line
Anyone can Bring Hope.