March 5, 2021

10 years of war in Syria

Since the start of the Syrian war 10 years ago, the humanitarian crisis has only but increased. According to the UNHCR over 5,6 million people have fled the country and over 13 million are in dire need of assistance within the country's borders, many are displaced internally.

The war has severely damaged the country's infrastructure and social institutions including the healthcare system. Both IDPs and refugees living in camps in neighbouring countries suffer from lacking resources and help.

Last year, the COVID-19 Pandemic struck and the situation today is acute. Basic needs are not met and around 60% of the Syrian population are suffering from food insecurities (WFP).

2,4 million Syrian children are not in school. One in three schools cannot be used due to destruction (Unicef).

Our work with refugees in this region is ever so important and the need for humanitarian assistance in all areas is big. We continue to distribute humanitarian aid from our partners and we are working towards reinstating our long-term projects with for example education and sports.

Video from UNHCR:

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10 years of war in Syria