July 1, 2021

June 2021 Newsletter

June 2021 Newsletter

About Preserving  Dignity

By Julia Mühlhauser

While  June marked the beginning of summer and the beginning of the easy time of the year for many people, this time marked the beginning of an extremely tough period, foremost for many internally displaced persons and refugees.

- Enduring the blazing sun without adequate protection, while simultaneously enduring other losses and hardships, such as the fire in a camp in Northern Iraq that we reported about, they manage to still see the positive sides of life.

This positivity and willpower are still too often overseen when IDPs and refugees are being portrayed - We believe this should change. To give you a more comprehensive  insight into the work we do and people we support, we created a photo exhibition highlighting the affected peoples' (and our) experiences. We are happy to finally share more about this project with you in this Newsletter!

Everything we as Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation do is towards the aim of preserving and restoring dignity. The happenings of the last month showed how crucial a strong network and collaborations are to support and fulfil this vision.

Therefore, we are more than happy to thank all our old and new subscribers for coming on this journey with us.

Together, we can bring hope!

Our Impact

This month we want to highlight the great impact our team on the ground in Iraqi-Kurdistand has had in supporting people suffering from disasters. As we have reported, on the 4th of June, 400 tents in the Shariya camp located in the Duhok region in Northern Iraq burned down caused by an electrical short, a recurring issue in the camp. The camp hosts 15,217 internally displaced persons from the Yezidi community.


Your donation has the power to help these and other families, by enabling us to support them directly with food parcels, hygiene products and clothing, as well as in the long term with the reconstruction of their houses.


"Anyone can Bring Hope."

This belief is the crucial factor of every team member of our "Bring Hope family". Everyone at the Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation is dedicated to bringing hope to displaced people significantly in need of essential requirements, support and skills, to restore dignity, a sense of belonging, and to thrive.

Restored dignity and harmony in the lives of those experiencing humanitarian crisis, displacement and poverty

We at Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation work hard on achieving our vision - In 2021, we celebrate six years of spreading our vision.

Six years of engagement.

Six years of working passionately to make a difference in people's lives.

Six years of continuous learning and growing.

Six years which made us who we are today.

To celebrate these six years, we want to share the stories of those we serve and the work we do in the form of a photographic exhibition! You can visit our photo exhibition "6 years Iraq - Stories of displacement and refuge" (Find the link soon on our Social Media platforms or Website in the coming week).

Team Profile: Meet Arjel

Our team of skilled individuals makes it possible for us as Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation to support more and more people across the world.

We value our team members and want you to get to know the faces behind our organisation!

Arjel Trajani (38), from Tirana, Albania, is our Senior Fundraising Manager. He plays a central role in generating funding and long term sustainability.

Tell us a bit about yourself!

I have solid experience in Project Management with over 12 years in managing local and international funds in the Balkans and Eastern Europe. Before becoming a part of Bring Hope, I worked on various projects and international grants, where I was able to build up crucial leadership skills. My focus was, among others,  on return migration, refused and deported asylum seekers, marginalised society groups, children's rights protection, gender equality, women's rights, and justice.

All in all, I can say that my work's focus is creating a positive impact and tangible benefits for socially excluded groups.

What is your role in the Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation?

I am the Senior Fundraising Manager here at Bring Hope, which includes various responsibilities. Together with the fantastic team in the Fundraising department, we take care of, among others:

  • Leading the fundraising and grant application process
  • Maintaining funding systems and sound reporting for accurate donor communications  and networking
  • Exploring and further developing the Fundraising Strategic Plan

What do you think makes Bring Hope unique?

On the first day, when I stepped into the headquarter office of Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation in Malmö, I felt that this NGO is doing great things, so I wanted to be part of working towards achieving their mission and vision. Since then, I have grown to fully believe in Bring Hope's vision, mission and values. And I can sense that not just I am feeling that way; The professionalism and the desire to do great in the team is so high. Together we believe that there is always a better future for all the human beings in the world!

Let me say that I love to come every morning to the office to give my best to achieve valuable things together with my colleagues  and all our beneficiaries.

Sunday 20th June 2021, we hosted our first Panel Discussion regarding the #worldrefugeeday 2021! We talked about the organisation's work on the ground and how these actions are building up dignity and hope for the people in the camp.

In the following, we want to share some insights with you:

All our panelists emphazised the situation IDPs and refugees are enduring

  • the lack of basic needs as water, food, clothes or medicine
  • the situation in crowded tents making privacy almost impossible
  • the lack of mental health facilities to process their trauma and experiences
  • the safety risks, which make it impossible for them to go back home

the need for action and help from the international community

Discussions and spreading information is the first and vital step to achieve what UNHCR themed this day - Together, we heal, learn and shine!

We say thank you all of the 242 attendees of our discussion for being part of achieving this aim, and of course, a great thank you to our panelists and partners! Without you, this event would have never been such a success. We are already looking forward to our following discussions.

We are grateful for the fruitful discussion and questions at the Q&A. We were sadly unable to answer all the questions received. We are working on answering most of them via our social media outlets, so keep an eye open. Otherwise, we always invite you to contact us directly if you have urgent questions and follow our social media to keep updated about our work in general and on the ground!

We keep working on various projects to bring hope to more and more people. Stay updated by following our developments via our Social Media outlets.

Please share our vision and mission to spread our aim and increase the impact we have to fulfill them!

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