Women Empowerment

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We recognise that women are often at the center of their communities and households, and thus are most vulnerable to adverse circumstances when being displaced or affected by war. For this reason, we focus our programs on providing displaced women with skills, education and livelihood opportunities.

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Selected Projects

Empowering Women in Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding

This project, funded by the Women's Peace and Humanitarian Fund, aims to to increase women’s capacity, confidence and willingness to participate in decision-making and public roles, while at the same time increasing coordination and communication between women to support structural inclusion, and create positive gender norms.

Sewing & Entrepreneurship

Sewing Hope is a practical project with far-reaching benefits for individuals involved. With the purpose of helping women in refugee families to contribute to their household income, Sewing Hope employs women from refugee camps around Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan. Participants receive a monthly income which not only enables them to contribute to their household resources, but also engenders self-esteem, a sense of accomplishment, and connects them to the world outside of their immediate environment. Women participate in the production of traditional textiles items, and sew them into unique, well-made bags that appeal to a global market.

Can Bring Hope

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