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Displacement can often be an unsafe and unstable process for many. As an NGO, we see it as our duty to provide adequate protection wherever we are capable. With a focus on women and children, our efforts aid in providing empowerment, dignity and protection to those who need it most.

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Selected Projects

Distribution of Basic Necessities

In collaboration with our donors, we are able to provide displaced populations around the world with the means to better survive the harsh conditions of their immediate environment.
Within Iraqi-Kurdistan our regular distributions include clothes, hygiene items and basic necessities that aid in protecting displaced communities through self-empowerment and restoration of dignity. Additionally, we are able to blankets and jackets to aid in surviving the harsh winters of the region.
We have also been able to internationally distribute medical equipment such as wheelchairs, medical beds and medicines to those who need them most.

Mental Health

The Healing Project is designed to help people on a deeper, more emotional level and to restore a person’s own power. It focuses on the mental health needs of the refugee and IDP population, incorporating discussion groups, yoga, and therapy sessions - improving mental wellbeing through addressing loss, trauma, alienation, and depression.

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