Bringing hope is easy, you just need to get started, and there are many ways how you can help. Either by making a donation, becoming a volunteer or finding your own unique path to bringing hope.


Your contribution provides quarterly annual treatment for 4 persons, in a total of 16 visits. You help 7 persons with hygiene items, for example, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, creams and ointments for healthy skin, sanitary items for women, and diapers for infants to name a few - for one year (8 items/person). You help 3 individuals by providing one year’s worth of proper clothing for those living in a refugee camp.



Your donation allows an entire family to be seen by medical personnel as needed for one year. Your donation supports two families with hygiene items for an entire year.


Your donation will give blankets that allow two families to stay warm through cold months and these blankets provide not only warmth but aids sleeping and protect children from exposure.
Your donation provides 40 medical treatments (units) for anyone in need. Your contribution will provide 3 families with hygiene items for one year.


You give warm clothing to 3 families for one year. You help 19 sick children/infants receive proper medical care/medicine. You help 35 individuals with hygiene items 


You provide psychological help for a child who has been traumatized – receiving proper treatment. You create the ability for one child to participate in activities that also include proper toys, which are not broken and are age-specific 1 year.   


You have the ability to provide 2 young individuals a chance at participating in a supervised sports activity to enhance daily living, increase self-esteem, learn teamwork, and learn positive thinking/attitude - for one year. You provide a solar energy solution for a family of 6 members.


You provide a proper education for a person in a refugee camp. You have created a sewing job for a refugee woman to help her provide sustenance for her family, teach a skill that will never be lost, give a chance for self-esteem building and camaraderie with other women to aid in personal and emotional development - for one year.

Make a donation

You have the ability to bring hope, and there are people who need hope more than anything in the world.


The headquarters is located in Sweden. You can contact us by

Tel.: +46-73 535 7626

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