Zubiya Burney

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Zubiya Burney
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Zubiya Burney
Program Officer for Education

Zubiya Burney joined Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation in August 2021 as a Program Officer for Education. She has spent most of her life in Dubai, and briefly moved to Toronto, Canada, to pursue her Bachelor's Degree at the University of Toronto. With a Degree in Global Health and Human Geography, Zubiya has developed a passion and deep interest in aiding vulnerable populations around the world. Her education allowed her to build an understanding of the many variables that contribute to the health and wellbeing of individuals and populations, including the many environmental, political, historical, and social determinants of health. 

Zubiya has also been able to work in educational environments for the past few years, having an interest and passion for working with children. Thanks to these experiences, she has been able to grow an interest in working to aid children through education, as she acknowledges how impactfulan education can be in a child's life. She especially enjoys working with younger children, aged 4-7, as they consistently bring a sense of joy and excitement to learning.

She speaks English, Urdu, and has a very basic understanding of Arabic from her years spent in Dubai. In her free time, Zubiya enjoys baking, film photography, eating, and occasionally some video games!


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