Sebastian Sylén Lagerholm

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Sebastian Sylén Lagerholm
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Sebastian Sylén Lagerholm
Graphic Design Officer

Sebastian is a Graphic Design Officer at Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation. Sebastian has started his internship in August 2021 as part of his ongoing studies. He is 19 years old and has studied graphic design for four years in total, which highlights his interest on the subject early on. He started his studies at Ljud och Bild Skolan in Lund, Skåne and is currently studying at Brobygrafiska Yrkeshögskola in Sunne, Värmland.

Working with Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation has given Sebastian the opportunity to contribute with his passion for art and graphic design to contribute in making the world a better place. Sebastian’s mission is to help strengthen Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation’s visual communication, ultimately improving the organisation’s visibility around the world.

Sebastian is eager to work with something that matters to him, and it is precisely this sentiment that motivated him to engage with Bring Hope. Having the opportunity to contribute to the well-being of individuals against the backdrop of graphic design, made Bring Hope the perfect match for Sebastian. His main interests include fitness, music, art, and graphic design.


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