Robert F. Blum

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Robert F. Blum
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Robert F. Blum
Vice Chairman

Mr. Blum is an active participant in the development of society through the integration between people, leaders, development professionals, politicians and corporations. A native Frenchman, Mr. Blum has more than 30-year experience in his filed of expertise. In 2004, the CDGE (le Cercle Diplomatique de Genève) was created by Mr. Blum, and it was designed to promote intellectual exchange and dialogue between diplomats, business leaders and representatives of civil society. As President, CEO and Founder of the CDGE Mr. Blum has created a vehicle for the integration between society and leaders within political parties, countries, corporations and those operating at high ranking levels. Mr. Blum has received many honours, recognitions and awards. Among them „Légion d´Honneur“, the highest decoration in France, he was nominated „Cavaliere“ from the Italian government, and „Grand Commodore“ and President of the Order of Lafayette. Mr. Blum is the Administrator and CEO of many companies, and serves as a member of the Management Board and as a consultant and representative for many others. Throughout his life, Mr. Blum has been an active philanthropist and led many charity initiatives. Lastly, Mr. Blum is the Vice Chairman of Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation.

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