Muataz Sultan

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Muataz Sultan
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Muataz Sultan
MEAL Officer

Muataz is the MEAL Officer at Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation. Originally from Syria, Muataz holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Transportation and Logistics Management from the Arab Academy for Science and Technology, and a Master´s Degree in Business Administration from Syrian Virtual University.

Working as a volunteer at UNDP for a whole year under the tough conditions of the ongoing Syrian war, helped Muataz understand the basis of humanitarian work, and the importance of the role played by humanitarian organizations in protecting civilians´ and the most vulnerable groups´ rights.

Muataz has more than three years of experience working as an M&E assistant at UNDP for different projects (Economic Development and Livelihoods, Social Cohesion and Local Development, Essential Services and Basic Infrastructure Rehabilitation). Moreover, he was engaged in some projects related to childhood and school rehabilitation, women equality and social justice, environmental preservation and awareness raising, health sector support (especially in light of the spread of the Corona pandemic), youth and university students empowerment, traditional and cultural professions support.

The sum of these work experiences made Muataz a flexible, organized, fast-learning, culturally sensitive person with excellent communication skills.

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