Martina Frappa

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Martina Frappa
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Martina Frappa
Research and Fundraising Officer

Martina is a Research and Fundraising Officer at Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation. Originally from Italy, Martina has first arrived in Sweden in 2015 to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in International Migration and Ethnic Relations at Malmö University.

Throughout the past years, Martina has acquired extensive field experience working internationally in qualitative research and development projects, maintaining program data, fundraising, monitoring and evaluating project outcomes and progress, and ultimately executing program goals.

Her background also includes a brief but valuable entrepreneurial experience launching her own non-profit social enterprise dedicated to the empowerment of artisan women in Uganda. Extremely passionate about the humanitarian cause, Martina’s values perfectly align with Bring Hope’s principles and core beliefs. Asna dedicated advocate for opportunity and change, she thrives in assisting people with limited resources in gaining access to the tools necessary to fully develop their strengths and capabilities.

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