Mamatha Mamidi

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Mamatha Mamidi
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Mamatha Mamidi
Finance Officer

Mamatha joined Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation in September 2021 as a Finance Officer. Originally from India, Mamatha moved to Sweden in 2019 and is a certified Management Accountant with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. She has worked in the field of accounting and auditing for over five years, and brings to the team strong knowledge in finance and strong work ethic.

Mamatha is a well-organised person who likes to learn new things, and has a very positive attitude towards work. She believes in hard work and dedication, and is excited to take on new professional challenges.

Her previous experience enhanced her adaptability skills to new work environments, and problem-solving. Mamatha speaks English, Swedish and Hindi. In her free time, Mamatha likes to travel and enjoys cooking.

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