Maïmouna Fischer

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Maïmouna Fischer
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Maïmouna Fischer
Research and Fundraising Officer

Maïmouna began her work at Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation in July 2021, and is ambitiously looking forward to growing alongside the Foundation as a Research and Fundraising Officer. She began her Bachelor's studies in Human Rights at Malmö University in 2019. Previously, she had lived in Panama City for one year, volunteering at a local NGO concerned with animal welfare. As a Human Rights student, she has come to ask herself a range of fundamental questions about how human life on this earth is constructed, and reproduced. She is curious and highly critical about universal truths relating to the concept of human rights. She is passionate to put her energy towards achieving any possible goals contributing to world peace and international solidarity. Her international working experience, and studies in the field of Global Politics and Intercultural Business Communication contribute to her high global competence and critical thinking. They motivated her to take on responsibility in a team made out of  diverse and determined professionals.

She believes that the humanitarian situation of refugees and internally displaced persons is one of the biggest crises in human history, and aims to support Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation in its mission to be a generative power in alleviating the pain of those suffering, and contributing to sustainable development.

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