Katia Kanakri

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Katia Kanakri
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Katia Kanakri
Partnership Officer

Katia began working at Bring Hope in July 2021 as Partnerships Officer at our office in Dubai, UAE. She is responsible for developing Bring Hope’s partnerships and NGOs network in order to enrich our collaborations and continue to effectively fulfill Bring Hope’s mission and objectives. Katia is originally from Syria but she was born and raised in Dubai, and she recently graduated from the American University of Sharjah with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies, a minor in Economics and another minor in Environmental Policy. Her educational background has made her familiar with the world of NGOs, current global issues and their underlying causes, and has instilled in her a passion for humanitarian issues and working to eradicate inequalities. For her senior research project, she conducted a historical analysis of the economic policies implemented in Syria from 1970-2011 and how they affected the agricultural sector in an attempt to better understand the complex socioeconomic conditions that preceded the 2011 protests.  

In addition to her above-mentioned interests, Katia has a passion for sustainability, environment and community service. She enjoys music, dancing, cooking, sewing, crocheting, and other DIY hobbies. She also speaks Arabic, English, basic French, and a little bit of American Sign Language.  

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