Cecilia Marchioni

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Cecilia Marchioni
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Cecilia Marchioni
Research and Fundraising Officer

Cecilia is a Research and Fundraising Officer at Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation. Originally from Italy, she has a Bachelor in International Science, Development and Cooperation obtained at the University of Turin. Cecilia moved to Sweden in August 2021 to complete her Master’s Degree in International Migration and Ethnic Relations at Malmö University, and soon after joined Bring Hope.

Ever since she was a child, Cecilia has been curious about the beauty of cultural diversity and multiculturalism, and has believed in equal treatment and opportunities. This inclination has increased throughout the years, becoming eventually a mature passion and commitment. She has channelled her interest in human rights and social justice in her volunteer work with migrants and refugees, as well as both in her studies and in her environmentalist and social activism. In Italy, her volunteering activities included facilitating the migrants and refugees’ integration process and accommodating their basic needs.

Thanks to her previous work activity in fundraising and volunteering abroad and in her home country, Cecilia developed her communication and organizational skills, reliability and has learnt how to be a good team player. The sum of her experiences has inspired her career goals and her willingness to work in an environment that promotes integrity, diversity and collaboration. Hence, the value-driven approach at Bring Hope perfectly matches her personal beliefs. In her spare time, she loves being out in nature, hiking and going to concerts, art galleries and exhibitions.  


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