April 1, 2022

2022 newsletter

2022 newsletter

Dear Supporter,

Welcome back to Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation's newsletter containing the latest news, updates, and insights into our work! Our new format features a quarterly overview of our activities and distributions, with the hopes of bringing you our most exciting and interesting updates!

Our team has been very active for the last few months as our organisation grows and changes constantly. We are working towards strengthening our core values and practices to improve our work, and are beginning 2022 with a renewed sense of passion. With a focus on visibility, consistency, partnerships, and sustainable funding, we wish to strengthen our organisation, and broaden our scope of activity. We look forward to the coming months with motivation, positivity, and above all, hope!

With the aid of our logistics network and the support of donors such as yourself, we have sent shipments of containers to Lebanon and Yemen. We were also able to begin the process of sending shipment containers full of hygiene items to Lviv, Ukraine

As the world faces crisis after crisis, we are reminded to stay vigilant and active. We truly believe that with the help of people such as yourself, we will make a difference. Through our networks and partners, we will continue to send aid where it is needed most.

As humanitarians, we are fortunate to be able to actively contribute in ways that will help people affected by ongoing conflicts. We continue to work tirelessly towards restoring hope, harmony, and dignity to those who may need it!



Recapping 2021

2021 was an active year for Bring Hope, as we embarked on new partnerships, opportunities and journeys!

We were at AidEx, Europe's Biggest Humanitarian Conference!

Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation joins the UNHRD Initiate Project!

A joint initiative by the UNHRD and UNWFP, the Initiate2 Project seeks to bring experts together from around the world to tackle crucial issues of health and humanitarian needs. This year the panel will consider the development of an Ambulance Converter kit for use in emergency relief, with Bring Hope participating as a reviewer for the final project proposal. We are honoured to have our Advisory Board member, Dr. Roy J. McGroarty acting as our expert representative.

Bring Hope's 'Children's Rights are Human Rights' Conference Cancelled

In December 2021, Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation arranged a conference to discuss the importance of Children's Rights, in honor of International Children's Day on the 10th of December. The conference was to feature guests from fellow humanitarian NGOs in Bring Hope's Swedish regional network. Unfortunately, due to a rise in COVID-19 concerns in Malmö and restrictions on public gatherings, we came to the difficult decision of postponing the conference indefinitely. We are honored to have had the support of the organisations that had shown their commitment to the conference, and hope to continuously maintain initiative cooperation with them.

 Updates from the New Year

Grant received from UN Women's Peace and Humanitarian Fund!

Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation has won a grant from the United Nations' Women's Peace and Humanitarian Fund! The approved project aims to increase meaningful female participation in conflict situations, and will be conducted in the Duhok community and an IDP camp in Erbil, Kurdistan. The collaboration is currently being developed together with our partner 'JINDA organisation', based in Duhok. Keep an eye on our next Newsletter to keep up-to-date with this project!

Crafting for a Cause at the Dubai Cares Pavilion at Expo 2020

Expo2020 Dubai is the world's largest cultural gathering, currently being hosted by the UAE! Bring Hope was honoured to have been invited by Dubai Cares to use their Expo2020 Pavilion to hold a series of events! Within Dubai Cares' space, we were able to sit down Bring Hope's founder Dr. Mariwan Baker to conduct our Podcast Series, using the opportunity to discuss the humanitarian sector, Bring Hope's mission and values, as well as upcoming projects for 2022.

We also held three Sewing For Hope Workshops in partnership with the local community group Rags to Riches. Within these workshops, participants were able to learn how to sew, knit or crochet a clothing item or blanket patch that will be donated to refugees and IDPs in Kurdistan. The volunteers from Rags to Riches were wonderful in providing their immense expertise in guiding and teaching our participants!

and a moving performance of "I have No Home" from Iryna Talamanova, a Ukrainian living in Sweden. We invited fellow organisations from MINC, as well as members of the public, to spread awareness about our mission to help the Ukrainian people, and to raise money for the shipment of hygiene items and medical supplies to be sent to Lviv. This emergency shipment should reach

Ukraine by late April, and provide recipients with much needed aid that will support them in weathering this difficult period of displacement. Without support from our community and donors, Johnson & Johnson and IHP, this shipment would not have been possible! We thank all of the people who supported our fundraising activities for making the transportation of this shipment a reality.

Attending the 17th Annual DIHAD Conference!

Our team was present at this year's DIHAD Conference in Dubai, from March 14th to March 16th! They met over 35 different organisations, from NGO's to logistics agencies, to UN Agencies and local governmental foundations! DIHAD was a wonderful opportunity for Bring Hope to spread its message and mission, and to create partnerships that will aid us in distributions and program implementation for years to come! The team also participated in Innovation Workshops by MSF, Project Life, IFRC and more to discuss successful models for women empowerment, climate protection and health interventions in humanitarian aid!

The 3-day conference was a lively and active platform that garnered and encouraged discussion, contemplation of humanitarian aid, and collaboration!


November – December 2021

Distributions in Erbil, Kurdistan

Our team in Erbil remains active in distributing items to IDP and refugee camps across Kurdistan. Through consistent work on the ground, Bring Hope has provided help to over 11,000 people in Erbil in 2021. This included distributions of hygiene items, toys, blankets, stationary, jackets, clothes, masks, and more. Distributions form a vital part of Bring Hope's operations, as they allow the recipients to feel dignified, valued, and hopeful!

Over the course of the last few months, our team in Erbil has distributed items in Harsham Camp, Baharka Camp,and Khazer Camp.

In addition, Bring Hope had the opportunity to collaborate with the HIWA Institute for Deaf and Mute! We held two distributions at the institute, providing items for both the students and the staff. For 167 children, we handed out kits of toys, notebooks, clothes, and stationary. For the staff, who are also deaf and mute, we focused on supplying kits of warm clothing items to help them prepare for the winter! The staff received 32 kits containing jackets, clothing, blankets, and socks.

BHHF carried out the distribution of winter and school items in Baharka, Harsham, and Khazer IDP and refugee camps

Considering the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, the hygiene items we distributed at HIWA institute also included 2500 facemasks for the staff and students.

With every distribution, we learn more about the wants and needs of the community that we work to support. Our team is constantly looking for ways to bring more supplies and basic necessities to those who do not have regular access to such. By building and maintaining relationships with institutions, such as HIWA, that do such crucial work, we restore dignity, and support the empowerment of vulnerable populations across the world!

Shipments sent to Ghana, Lebanon, Yemen, and Ukraine

Bring Hope's extensive network of partners and collaborators allows us to act as a facilitator of aid distributions. In emergency situations, this can be incredibly impactful as it allows for quick response and delivery of much needed aid! Among the activities we conducted last year, we were able to send several containers of hygiene items to Yemen, Libya, Beirut and Ghana!


While Ghana's economy has been growing for the past few years, the country still faces extreme poverty in certain regions. Our shipment to Oyarifa, Ghana in January featured five shipment containers and nearly 300,000 units of hygiene items.


Our shipment to Beirut occurred last December, as Lebanon faces an economic crisis. The shipment of58,000 units of hygiene items will support those who are being effected the most by this crisis as well as those who have been displaced in Lebanon for years.



Yemen remains a country heavily impacted and torn apart by conflict. Throughout the month of March, we distributed thousands of hygiene items to people in 31 different camps across Yemen. With distributions in the Aden, Buraiqa, Dar Saad, Mansoura and KhorMaskar Districts, we reached approximately 50,000 people.

These distributions were made possible through the support of our partners at Al Nahd Development Foundation(NDF) Yemen. We look forward to further distributions and collaborations with NDF in the future.

These international disitributions remain a strong and important arm of our operations at Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation. Through donations, we connect donors to NGOs around the world that support small and underserved communities. As our network of partners grows in 2022, we hope to reach more people in need with necessary hygiene items.

Our Future Plans

Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation looks forward to 2022 with positivity, drive, and above all, hope. With a clear focus on our strategy, and an ever growing team of passionate humanitarians, we strive to increase our range, form new connections, and aim for bigger goals.

For the past months, we have been busy planning and preparing for programs that we hope to implement in Iraqi-Kurdistan in 2022. These include the Healing Program, Sewing Program, Agriculture Project, and Youth Centre development project!

Our team in Dubai and our founder and chairman Dr. Mariwan Baker participated in the International Humanitarian Summit on the 30th of March at Expo2020. This will be the last event for our team at Expo2020 as it closes at the end of March!

As a result of the successful Fundraising Event for the shipment of humanitarian help to Lviv in Ukraine, the logistics are now being prepared for the shipment to be sent as soon as possible.

Keep an eye on our social media for more updates and achievements from BHHF!

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