Catherine Habasque

President and Founder of Dancers for the World


I had the chance to meet Dr. Mariwan Baker about two years ago now.

As a founder of a humanitarian organisation with different ways but similar goals -- to restore the dignity and hope of people in need -- I can only be thankful for his support in every way.

I understood when meeting his team that he transmitted his passion for helping people to everyone around him. Dr Mariwan Baker can keep smiling when facing stress, and puts in long hours of work to reach his goal -- a small detail when compared to the suffering of the individuals Bring Hope supports. But more important than this all, he knows how to bring people together in the nicest and most generous way possible.

That's the reason why I believe in the bright future of Bring Hope and its potential to touch and support more people in the near future. And this is also my deepest wish for this beautiful project.

July 2020

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Everyone can bring hope

BHHF’s primary objective of humanitarian aid is to save lives, alleviate suffering, as well as to give the most vulnerable group (displaced children) hope for the future. BHHF has provided humanitarian aid with short-term and long-term help to homeless refugees, victims of natural disasters, wars and famines, and poor people.

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