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Apart from deliveries of essential medications and treatments, Bring Hope runs projects to address community health needs on the ground in Iraqi-Kurdistan. Our model is holistic, encompassing not only the physical health, but addressing the psycho-social needs of those we serve.

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Selected Projects

Mental Health

The Healing Project is designed to help people on a deeper, more emotional level and to restore a person’s own power. It focuses on the mental health needs of the refugee and IDP population, incorporating discussion groups, yoga, and therapy sessions - improving mental wellbeing through addressing loss, trauma, alienation, and depression.

Physical Health

The Sport Project is a high impact social development model that works with vulnerable youth, aiming to transform the lives of the participants through an intensive, holistic, and long-term approach. On the ground in Iraqi-Kurdistan, we run a football project for young people to participate in to bolster physical health, encourage team work and cultivate productive relationships among themselves.  

Emergency Care

The Heart of Hope program ensures crucial heart surgery for children living in refugee and IDP camps with congenital cardiovascular conditions. These surgeries are most often unavailable in the regions where camps are located and require either domestic or international transportation. The Heart of Hope project also makes sure that parents and children remain together during such a crucial time.

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