Climate Change Prevention

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As Climate Change continues to worsen, we are more readily coming face to face with its damaging effects. Drought, famine, floods and hurricanes are becoming increasingly common and are affecting underdeveloped nations the most. We understand that true action against climate change starts at the household level and it is for this reason we engage in restorative activities and sustainable practices. We recognise that collective efforts are the key to creating resilient landscapes and communities that will protect future generations climate disasters to come.

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Selected Projects

30,000 Trees Project - Kirkuk, Iraq

We are proud to be participants in the effort to green Iraq - a country that has been dealing with intense drought and dust storms for many years. We stand behind Kokar, the youth group that have initiated this project, and are proud to be able to contribute to the efforts to create a better environment in Iraq. With more trees, the nation will be more resilient to drought, and will be able to sustain its agriculture and food production for years to come.

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