Imagine living every day fearful that if you return home you will be killed and tortured. That is how Jassem Mohammed Mahmwood, 20 years old feels. He refused to enter the ISIS army and is now a wanted man, to be killed if found.

Jassem tells Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation about the brutality of ISIS and what they do to people. He witnessed firsthand the killing and hitting of innocent people and how savage they [ISIS] are. Jassem says ISIS doesn’t care about the value of human beings, they use religion to their advantage. He tells us there are still hidden cells of ISIS in Mosul.

Now Jassem lives in Hassan Sham U2 Refugee Camp with his father Mohammed, his mother Khamisa and his brother Ahmed. They have been here two months, he tells us he suffered a lot until he could reach this safe place far from ISIS. 1500 people call U2 camp home, all of them fled ISIS.

Jassem feels the camp has good security, they provide them with food, water and health care, but electricity is a big problem. Because the weather is so warm, many people without electricity are not able to endure the heat and everyday people faint.

He wants to enter Iraqi Kurdistan to live permanently, everything he had in Mosul has been destroyed and he desperately wants to forget all the bad memories he has and start his life over. To help Jassem and his family or others see bringhope.info

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