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Earlier this month our Bring Hope team visited Sarmaydan kindergarten in the Shaglawa region. 275 children attend this kindergarten located between the mountains north east of Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan.

You wouldn’t recognise the building as a kindergarten. This kindergarten was built 17 years ago but was never properly maintained. There are no brightly coloured pictures on the walls to welcome the children every morning. And there is no playground for the children to play on and have fun with their friends.

When our team walked to the classroom they realised there were no jackets hanging on the coat hangers that line the hallways. They entered the English classroom and were welcomed by an enthusiastic teacher and happy children wearing their winter coats and hat. It is the middle of winter and there is no heating available in the building. It is so incredibly cold that they can’t comfortably learn but the teacher’s enthusiasm works as a great motivator and the children are eager to learn despite the bad conditions.

She decorated the walls with numbers, letters, animals and fruits to make it more fun for the children to learn. It really brightens up this very empty and basic room. This teacher truly goes above and beyond to make sure her children will get the best education they can get, stay motivated and forget the cold.

Bring Hope was able to provide toys and Johnson & Johnson hygiene products for all 275 children. This distribution will help keep the children’s immune systems as strong as possible in these harsh conditions. And the toys will help them to socialise, learn, process and just have fun.

Both the teacher(s) and children were over the moon with this distribution and carried smiles on their faces for miles and miles. We will always keep on supporting children so they can grow, learn, play and feel the way every child should feel.

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