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Tortured by ISIS

“I was put in prison and tortured every day, ISIS hung me by my hands for hours and hit me with cables, I was put in a dark room” relayed Mohammed Hussain Omar from Mosul.

He is one of 1500 people now living in Hassan Sham U2 Refugee Camp. He lives here alone because his family returned to Mosul. He has three sisters and one brother, his father is Hussain Omar and his mother Hadya Ali, they paid a high price to free Mohammed from the Talaefar Prison where he was held captive by ISIS for refusing to join the ISIS Army.

Mohammed did not return because he fears he will be killed by ISIS hidden cell fighters. Mohammed works in the emergency hospital in the camp, he says it is his hobby because there is no high school in the camp for him to attend. At 20 years old, Mohammed wants to start a new life and by finishing school and attending the university he hopes he can put all the misery he suffered behind him.

Mohammed told Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation he feels safer in camp than in Mosul, but lack of electricity is really bothering him, especially when the temperature reaches more than 50 degrees.

When we asked him what he would like, he told us he likes to do what any young person does, to go to entertainment places to spend some time, but there is no place. He asked us to provide recreation for the kids, like a park or playground, he said that because he is a big person he can stand not having any entertainment, but, “…the kids here, they need parks and games to play because they have nothing.

Please provide electricity and parks for kids.” To help see bringhope.info

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