Roadside Sleeping and Constant Fear

In Harsham Refugee Camp, 8 year-old Ammar Salim recounts how he and his family came to be here. “We came from Mosul where we were happy until ISIS arrived, we escaped and slept on the roadside, we were always afraid ISIS would catch us. It took one year to reach Harsham Camp.”

Bring Hope visited Harsham Camp 13 June 2017 where we met Ammar. He has 2 sisters and 3 brothers. They have been here 2 years. Ammar wants to be a teacher so he can help the children in his region become better educated and make something for themselves.

He and his family want to return to Mosul once it is safe and not ruined. Ammar tole Bring Hope they receive aid from Barzani Foundation and Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation, but it is not enough They need more medicine, clothes, daily accessories and good food. He is very grateful for the help they have received so far.

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BHHF’s primary objective of humanitarian aid is to save lives, alleviate suffering, as well as to give the most vulnerable group (displaced children) hope for the future. BHHF has provided humanitarian aid with short-term and long-term help to homeless refugees, victims of natural disasters, wars and famines, and poor people.

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