Mosul Hospital Left in Shreds

Just one month ago, in April 2017, Isis was pushed out of the section of Mosul where Al Khansa Hospital is located. Shards of former beds, walls and equipment litter the hospital. Many areas no longer even have walls, rather paltry remnants of what had been walls. Signage indicates this is a hospital, some areas are in better shape, but no area is free from the ravages that were bestowed upon this healing center.

Dust hangs in the air as Bring Hope Humanitarian Organization visits Al Khansa Hospital to bring much needed medical equipment and medication which makes only a small dent in what is needed here. As the first Humanitarian Organization to visit and provide assistance, the Director Dr. Mazin Daoud is thankful we are here; yet, with 80% of his hospital destroyed by Isis conditions here are bleak.

Al Khansa Hospital is one of the largest in Mosul, any remaining inhabitants here depend upon this hospital and have no alternatives for treatment. Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation seeks immediate donations and urgently requires medical equipment and medicines to continue to provide this pivotal health center with the supplies it needs to continue to treat patients and to rebuild the destruction rained upon it by Isis.

Essential and life-sustaining services are currently unmet due to the extremely urgent needs of Al Khansa Hospital. Please open your hearts and see your way to donate.

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