Mirna Ramzi Shamon

Mirna Ramzi Shamon is 14 years old, she lives with her parents, three older sisters and one older brother. They were living in Telisqof city – Tilkef, Ninewa where she was very happy, went to school and spent time with her friends.

On August 2014 ISIS moved in and took control of her city. She was arrested by ISIS with a number of other people from the same city. Taken against her will ISIS moved her to Mosul city. In Mosul, she and five others managed an escape, it was very dangerous and risky but she made it and also found her way back to her parents in Alqosh.

These events have left Mirna with many psycho-social disorders. Not only the arrest by ISIS, but also taking her away from her parents against her will, transporting her to an unfamiliar city and the constant threat of harm, including rape have caused many psychological problems.

On November 05th 2016 a Sewan protection team visited Mirna’s family to assess her case and the situation of her family members.

On November 07th, the Sewan Women’ Empowerment Organization team brought many non-food items they received from Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation (winter clothes for women, men and children, household materials, soap and blankets) to Mirna and her family.

Mirna says, “I feel very good, because Sewan’s staff are helping me and my family”.

Mirna expressed concern for her family members because they are poor and have no income but many needs. As IDPs (Internally Displaced Person’s) they have no work opportunities. Mirna also feels like she is a burden to her family because of her difficulties adjusting from the traumas she has experienced.  

Mirna stated, “My special thanks for Sewan staff and Bring Hope, that they could help my family, and they could help me to overcome my problems”

Mirna requested Sewan staff to visit her and her family more frequently.

Mirna says, “I hope to spend more time with you”

Dunya Faris Case worker – Sewan org

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