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Medicine Distribution for Victims of Chemical Warfare

Recently our Bring Hope team visited a hospital located in Halabja, Iraq Kurdistan. This hospital treats victims of chemical warfare. The city of Halabja is one of the most persecuted cities in the region.

On March 16, 1988, towards the end of the Iran-Iraq war a massacre against the Kurdish people took place. Chemical bombs were used to attack the city of Halabja and resulted in the death of 3200-5000 people and injured over 7000, most of them civilians. The attack was part of the Anfal Campaign in Northern Iraq and took place 48-hours after the fall of the town to the Iranian Army. That day is now known as the ‘Halabja Massacre’ or ‘Bloody Friday’.

The attack has been recognised as a distinct event of the Anfal Genocide conducted against the Kurdish people by the Iraqi Regime under Saddam Hussein. On March 1, 2001, the Iraqi High Criminal Court recognised the Halabja Massacre as an act of Genocide. 
To this day many people still suffer from the consequences of this chemical attack. An increased rate of cancer incidence and birth defects in the years after the attack were a direct result from the Halabja Massacre.

Bring Hope distributed 145 boxes of medicines containing twenty-two different types of medicines with an estimated worth of over $315.000,-. These medicines were provided by International Health Partners UK (IHP) and Health Partners International of Canada (HPIC). The prime minister of the Kurdistan regional government, the minister of health and the general director of health were all in attendance for this distribution.

We support victims of war and people who don’t have access to medical care due to war, conflict or poverty. That’s why we work together with medical facilities, hospitals, treatment centers and medical teams to get medicines to where it is most needed.

Distributions like this have a positive impact on the community and brings them hope. And we will keep on supporting these communities in any way we can.

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