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Malnourished Infant Receives Milk Powder

We are constantly reminded how fragile life is when we meet a two-month-old refugee baby who arrived in Chamakor Camp three days ago. This small baby girl from West Mosul named Moamen Abduallah arrived at the Camp with her mother, Amina, 28 years old who was severely malnourished and could not produce enough milk to feed little Moamen. This tiny child was so malnourished she could not hold her head up.

Moamen is one of 16,000 refugee children who received lifesaving milk powder from Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation ( BHHF) just days ago. Moamen arrived with her mother Amina, father, three sisters and two brothers…all malnourished. Three days ago, two children died from hunger.

Chamakor Camp opened just 3 weeks ago, there is a small clinic the refugees have access to and today Bring Hope provided milk powder for 3,000 children ages 0-6 months and 6-12 months which was enough to feed all the Camp’s children. The milk powder supplied is produced in the Netherlands and donated by two Dutch organizations, Eastar B. V. and H.R.I.F. for use in refugee camps located in Iraqi Kurdistan. 16,000 cans of the brand “Hollander” each containing 800g or enough for 30 portions that lasts approximately two weeks was distributed by Bring Hope to 16,000 children living in the refugee camps of:

Chamakor (Mosul province), Baharka (Erbil province), Harsham camp (Erbil province), Ashti camp (Sulaimaniyah province), Ashti camp (Sulaimaniyah province), Kawrgosk (Erbil province), and Dar-shakran (Erbil province)

Distribution continued in other areas through our international partners on the ground such as in Shariya camp where Yezidi Kurds reside (through Springs of Hopes), to the newly arrived Mosul refugees (through our partner Free Burma Rangers), in Sinjar mountain (through our partner FAI mission), to Khazr camp (through Adventist Help), and to refugees outside of the camps (50% of refugees reside outside of camps) in collaboration with the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

Dr. Mariwan Baker’s (Founder of BHHF) experience on the ground; in fact, the entire journey of bringing this milk to the people in desperate need was a “nightmare”, from repacking which was arranged through the Dutch organization, HRIF to customs clearance in Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan, which delayed this load by 3 weeks and consequently more costs were incurred, was incredibly difficult to manage… But the Impact was HUGE. Dr. Baker states, “In two years of humanitarian work, few times I have had this good feeling”.

According to Mohammad, an experienced employee of the Red Cross, in Camp Chamakor, the quality of this load of milk powder is the best he has seen to ever reach refugees on the ground.

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