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Kindergarten Graduation Party Distribution

The Klawish Kindergarten has 200 students enrolled at the moment. This kindergarten is located in a poor and overpopulated area. Most families here live in poverty and parents are struggling to provide even the basic needs for their children. In addition, many of these children suffer from traumas and have lost one or both parents. They weren’t dealt the best hand and already know more hardship than most people. However, they are resilient, strong, smart, funny and incredibly eager to learn.

Last week they graduated from kindergarten which means it was time for celebration. Often during celebrations and graduations children are given little presents and toys but there are simply no financial resources for presents.

We feel it’s important for them to celebrate and feel celebrated and made sure all 200 children were given gift bags with toys in them. It was great seeing how their eyes lit up when they received their presents and started playing with their toys immediately. It was such a happy day for both the children, their parents and their teachers and that day was nothing short of any other normal kindergarten graduation.

We want to wish all these children a bright future where anything is possible!

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BHHF’s primary objective of humanitarian aid is to save lives, alleviate suffering, as well as to give the most vulnerable group (displaced children) hope for the future. BHHF has provided humanitarian aid with short-term and long-term help to homeless refugees, victims of natural disasters, wars and famines, and poor people.

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