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I saw it with my own eyes

“Please, please, don’t write my name”, “they will slaughter us” “ISIS took whatever they could.”

Did you witness many things ISIS did? “ISIS is not one people, they are Iraqi, Russian, Saudi, Tunisian, Black men, Afgani, thanks God I was rescued!”

“Men were beaten for smoking and shaving, even a small shave.”

“There was a lady whose son had run outside, a small boy, she said to him in desperation, “I will kill you if you don’t listen and come here”, “ISIS soldiers heard her say this and told her she must now kill her son because she said it, sobbing she said, I just want to rescue my son, I didn’t mean I was going to kill him”, “But you said it and now you must kill him” I saw this with my own eyes, the soldiers stood around her and handed her a sharp knife, I watched, I couldn’t say anything. “She stood shaking and sobbing and refusing, so the soldiers killed her son for her, right then and there, she crumpled in grief to the ground.”

Mumbling, as she walked away, “please don’t write my name, I am afraid.”

This account is written as it was told by a refugee staying at Al Khazir Camp on 1 December 2016. 

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