Facing Loss

Each person’s life tells a story, each story is a unique experience that when shared gives others perspectives that are new or shared in some way. This is Samira’s story, a 50-year- old refugee from Mosul, Iraq living in Bahrka Camp in Iraqi Kurdistan.

It is a story of resiliency despite loss, yet pain that will never leave. Samira’s husband, Xalaf Ahmed passed away and she faces life with her family without him.

Samira has two sons (Marwan and Rayan), and three daughters (Bayda, Najla, and Shayma). Her life is quite difficult, she suffers from high blood pressure and eye pain which she is told requires surgery. In 2003, one son was shot in the hand and this has never been corrected, she pleads for help for him.

One of her daughters lost her husband who was killed by ISIS and now she is left with their children, Tabarak Ahmed and Bara Ahmed. They live with Samira here in Bahrka Refugee Camp. Samira also tells of her married sister (Iman Taha) who perished along with her three children (Dua, Hanin and Younis) in airstrikes in Mosul.

She says her sister and children were victims because ISIS refused to let them leave the city. Samira has seen so much, faced such loss in her life, including her home and belongings together with the losses of family, she also watched as ISIS killed people from the Iraq Security Office which was near her home.

She states, “…before ISIS we had a good life, but the situation turned terrible…” She feels so sad. A positive note is Samira was able to open a small shop in Camp to help her family and their living conditions. She pleads for help as she grieves and tries desperately to face the loss in her life.

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